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El Camino movie version of the main staff, collective debut photo

By:Shark News  Posted:September. 19,2019

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movi crew directed by Vince Gilligan recently filmed a new set of photos for Hollywood Reporter starring Aaron Paul. The story of this big movie will focus on the escape of Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul, and Bryan Cranston may appear in the film in some form, and the film will be online on October 11th.

The producer said that the film was specially made for the fans. About 10 characters appearing in the show will return, and there will be a lot of eggs about the TV series. Non-draos fans are hard to keep up with the narrative rhythm, but they can't manage that much.

It is reported that this big movie will be shown in some theaters on October 11th, and will be played on the AMC channel after Netflix is online.

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Ad Astra 5 highlights to unlock space drifting, universe wonder!

Starred by Brad Pitt and shortlisted in the 76th Venice Film Festival's main competition, the Hollywood science fiction disaster adventure Ad Astra, five highlights will take you through the earth to enjoy space drifting. Unprecedented interstellar battles across the four planets, plus the suffocating cosmic wonders of each frame, creating the most immersive large-screen immersive space drift. 1. Star Wars! Space drifting danger surrounds action scene with high energy shock As the annual sci-fi disaster masterpiece of Hollywood, Ad Astra has taken an unprecedented cosmic adventure. The talented astronaut Roy, played by Brad Pitt, shoulders the responsibility of saving the earth. Across the earth, moon, mars, neptune, and at the same time accept high-risk challenges from all planets. The giant space elevator exploded in series, and fell to the top of the sky. The Moon was hit by drag racing and fighting bloody battles. Mars fled to catch up with the rocket at an hour, the mysterious baboon space capsule roared and stormed, and Neptune's shocking nuclear explosion ignited the sky. In space, successively staged hard-core high-energy operations, thrilling interstellar battles are eye-opening, and perfectly create the big screen shocking experience not to be missed this year. 2. Galaxy is shining! The wonders of the universe are magnificent and immersive Along with the perilous and nervous solar system crossing, the magnificent cosmic spectacle was also presented to the audience. The film was shot by Interstellar photographer Hoyte Van Hoytema, and created a strong sense of substitution with almost perfect photography The immersive space rafting has even been hailed by the media as a "must go to the big screen to watch" interstellar epic. At present, the film has been shortlisted for the 92nd Oscar for best visual effects. Among them, breaking through the sky and looking at the Earth from outer space, the blue planet is magnificent; the moon is minimalistic gray, with white sand flowing and romantic in the crater and the sky; Mars has a strong hue, such as fiery blood, wild charm; Neptune It is blue to the extreme, like the sea, it can't help but want to be immersed in it ... The vast and vast universe is full of huge and beautiful celestial wonders. The beautiful and romantic "Space Highway Film" is full of eye-catching beautiful scenery, and the cool wonders detonate the visual feast. 3. Starlight is shining! Strong lineup, excellent team, male goddess Peter shines on the screen The main line-up of the film Ad Astra can be called "star-studded". The Hollywood male god Brad Pitt first tried space science fiction themes and successfully portrayed a talented astronaut with extremely rich inner world. The action drama through the solar system in the film is high-risk and high-energy, and the emotional drama to redeem the soul is exquisite. And the movie not only has Pitt a "star", two old Hollywood bones, Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland, both Oscar winners, join in, Oscar nomination for best actress Ruth Negga, "elf princess" The well-known actress Liv Tyler and others injected extraordinary "her power" into the film. In addition, the director James Gray is known as a "frequent visitor" of the three international film festivals. He has won the Silver Lion Award of the Venice Film Festival and was shortlisted for the main competition of the Cannes Film Festival four times. The main competition of the 76th Venice Film Festival. This time, the spectacle of space on the screen is recreated, and the wonders of the world are about to transform the universe. 4. Interstellar Epic! Real shot real sound effects in space The movie Ad Astra not only presents Lunar Warfare for the first time on the screen, but also realizes another "first" of film creation: the first time that humans have reached the distant Neptune! The unprecedented cosmic landscape shown in the film is not created by imagination alone. The film also has the courage to "explore" in artistic creation. Director James Gray has carefully prepared for 10 years. During the pre-production, he specially organized an "Astronaut Dinner". He invited astronauts and experts from NASA, JPL, and SpaceX to provide professional support for the film, including his retirement who flew to the International Space Station twice Astronaut Garrett Reisman, Robert Joel, a senior NASA engineer who has been involved in space projects for 30 years. The film also uses a lot of real moon and Mars images provided by JPL and real space sound effects recorded by NASA. This makes "Ad Astra" the first Hollywood "shoot" movie on Mars, and creates a wonderful immersion Space drifting, an interstellar epic that must be experienced on the big screen. 5. Star reputation! Cosmic adventure impacts the senses The movie Ad Astra frequently received five-star praise, not only was shortlisted for the 76th Venice International Film Festival main competition unit, but also achieved a good result of rotten tomato freshness of 84%, MTC average of 80. Authoritative media like Entertainment Weekly, Time, The Hollywood Reporter and others collectively praised it, predicting that the film will be the 2020 Oscar seed player. Among them is the media praising Ad Astra not only has an extraordinary magnificent beauty, but Brad Pitt also dedicated his best performance since film. The best thing is that the movie makes us feel as if we are immersing in the interstellar space. "Some media believe that the movie has opened up a whole new universe. The structural limitations ". What is even more valuable is that the movie not only created an epic space adventure, but also explored the relationship between human nature, human life and the universe. With a wild temperament without hesitation. " It is worth mentioning that many details and metaphors in the film give the audience multiple interpretations. This time, with the help of Pete's eyes, the audience will open the door to stare at the universe and embark on a spiritual journey of examining and purging the soul.

 December. 06,2019
DC's plans for all films in the next few years, with many new ideas!

According to a long article by Vareity, DC and parent company Warner have many new ideas for the future of DC movies.1. Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) directed by Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse) new single film The Batman, there have been rumors that the entire film will be launched in Arkham Asylum As comic fans are familiar, this is a prison (including clowns) for super criminals. However, according to Vareity, this is not true, and only part of the scene will take place in the Arkham Asylum.The Riddler (Paul Dano), The Penguin (Colin Farrell) and Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) also appear in the film. If The Batman is successful, these villains may develop their own independent films, Key members of The Batman and Birds of Prey have contract options for sequels and singles.2. Warner is not very clear about the direction of the next Superman. This role has been restarted twice in the past 13 years. First, Superman Returns by Brandon Routh, and "Man" by Henry Cavill. Of Steel, also often appeared in American dramas such as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Smallville, which also warned Warner. The audience is tired of seeing Christopher Reeve too much.To this end, Warner talked to J. J. Abrams. Earlier this year, Warner also met with Michael B. Jordan (Creed), and he proposed his own idea of Superman for Warner. But because the new Superman movie is still far from filming, Jordan is not ready to invest in this project. According to inside information, there is no script and no director, and it is unlikely that the new Superman film will meet the audience by 2023.3. In 2017, Toby Emmerich became the chairman and chief content officer of Warner Pictures; in 2018, Walter Hamada, a long-time executive of New Line Pictures, became the chairman of DC Movies. Under their leadership, Warner will be more Willing to make man-made movies that adults love to watch. Joker became the first R-rated DC movie, and Birds of Prey may follow this classification, and insiders predict that James Gunn's The Suicide Squad may also be R-rated.Birds of Prey will not be the dark, gloomy tone of Joker. It will be more humorous, cheerful, and more feminine action adventure, but it is not suitable for children. Birds of Prey has recently undergone a series of re-shoots, which greatly improved the preview results. Warner is confident that when the film is released in February next year, the film will be sold.4. Warner also wants to reshuffle the big-screen works that have previously been shot. Their current focus is Green Lantern Corps. Former DC Entertainment chairman Goff Johns, who abdicated in 2018 to start his own company, will hand over a script of Green Lantern Corps at the end of this year. This project may be handed to JJ and his bad Robot company to see if they are interested in producing this film.Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Supergirl), who often collaborates with Warner, is also working with Geoff Johns on a new American drama Arrow, which may give Berlanti the opportunity to participate in the production of feature films in the future. 5. Warner and DC are still confident in The Flash played by Ezra Miller, and they are developing The Flash stand-alone movie. They have selected It director Andrés Muschietti to join and Christina Hodson (Bumblebee) to write the script. After writing The Flash, Hodson will continue to write the script for Batgirl. After Miller finished shooting Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3, the production of The Flash can be started, and the filming will have to wait at least 2021. 6. DC is looking for the director of The Trench, a side story of Aquaman; the director of Aquaman 2 is still James Wan, and we hope to start filming in the first half of 2021. 7. The future of DC is not all on the big screen. HBO Max, a streaming platform owned by Warner Media, is currently looking for a suitable DC theme to make its own original streaming movie. They hope to shoot a lower budget (to fight for $ 65 million) (Below), choose new actors instead of established actors. HBO Max will be launched next year, making fans full of hope for Zack Snyder's director-edited version of "Justice League". Variety believes that Warner is now uninterested in spending millions of dollars on unfinished special effects work and editing movies, especially when the box office of the Justice League is floppy. At present, whether on the big screen or on HBO Max, Warner has no plans to release a Zack Snyder cut edition. "This is a daydream, it can never happen," the source said.

 November. 27,2019
Warner sells Joker's investment share in advance, earning a few hundred million less?

Joker has just exceeded $1 billion in global box office. Compared to the cost of the film of about $65 million, Joker has become the most profitable comic book adaptation film in the history of the film, and the first R-rated movie with a $1 billion box office. Prior to this, Joker also won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival this year, and was the first comic book adaptation film to receive the highest awards in the three major European film festivals. Joker StillsJoker swept the global box office, and the industry and outside are also generally concerned about how much profit the film will bring to the investor Warner?Compared to Aquaman and The Avengers, which cost about $200 million, Joker's $65 million cost is very low. It is undoubtedly a comic book adaptation film with the highest return on investment in recent years. However, a number of media reports, Warner has sold the investment share of Joker to BRON Studios and Village Roadshow before the film was launched, which means that the subsequent box office share is shared by the three main investment companies of. Joker StillsMany netizens, after knowing the news, exclaimed: "Warner missed hundreds of millions!" But in fact, it is a normal operation for large Hollywood companies to sell their investment shares before the movie is started. The purpose of this is to share the box office risk. Companies that rarely sell investment shares are only Disney. Joker StillsThe project Joker was not too optimistic at the beginning. Warner's internal rating of Joker and The Mule and The Kitchen were similar in risk level, so the investment shares of these films were packaged and sold to BRON Studios.Joker's global box office share does not really allow Warner to enjoy it. It's not sure how it will be split with BRON Studios and Village Roadshow, depending on Warner's earnings.In fact, the other way around, this is also a good investment, so that all three companies are unexpectedly earning a lot of money, and unexpected gains. When Joker was first put into operation, it was carried out in the form of an art film. Comic film adaptations were rarely seen before the Venice Film Festival. There aren't too many big scenes in the film itself, the special effects are rare, and the investment of $65 million is still surplus. Warner did not choose to invest in full at the beginning. From the past market environment and experience, this is a relatively safe approach. Joker StillsJoker has a certain luck component. After winning the Venice Golden Lion Award in September this year, the film has attracted much attention. This award also gives the film a high enough exposure. "Batman" IP also makes this movie. Get a lot of extra points. After the official release, the domestic and overseas markets all rose at the box office, achieving a good performance of 1 billion US dollars. Obviously, the bursting of Joker is accidental. If there is Joker 2, who can guarantee that it will earn 1 billion in the box office? Joker Poster In addition, Hollywood companies have not relied on box office to make a profit, Warner is more focused on the income of post-movie products, Warner's DVD and Blu-ray disc revenues have remained high, and some films have even higher disc income than box office. And it's still a long-term gain. Warner's HBO Max streaming media platform is on the way, and Joker is clearly there, and online on-demand is part of future revenue.

 November. 21,2019

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